Who I am

Hello! My name is Valeria Cancedda and a Fashion Designer. My strongest passion is to bring new life to clothes, changing and readacting those I buy or that nobody puts anymore (in view of saving and recycling!). I'm not a fashion victim, following all the latest trends: I love to experiment and express my ideas with my creations. For that, after finishing my studies in Fashion Design, I spaced between the different fields of this world: I created a line of accessories , in the style of organic, I "deconstructed" clothing via mathematical operations, then I created a small brand of t-shirts, Little Monster Chic. Due to its success, I made arrangements with some stores that give space to young designers, to sell some of my pieces; from this collaborations, some also abroad, I highly enriched my experience.

You can find me:

I opened this website to share my passion for Fashion Design and to show my creations, in particular Little Monster Chic Collection, which you can order directly from the site or buy in these shops.

Take a look at my creations, you are welcome!

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